Sometimes, You Just Need a Cup of Coffee…

first published on December 11, 2017 by

Bullets and bombs be damned, sometimes you just need a good cup a coffee. Filipino soldier runs through gunfire to get a cup of joe…

Long before Red Bull, Monster, and the GWOT staple “Rip-it”, became the caffeinated life blood of the lowly grunt; coffee ran supreme. Unrivaled for centuries as the savior of late night watches and early morning hangovers, the warming black goodness remains a coveted item in a warrior’s ration to this day. Even if it does come in an instant, and freeze-dried form.

It’s the little things and the small victories that get you through combat. Procuring yourself a hot cup of joe during a long and taxing operation can be a pleasant distraction for a worn-out grunt. The brief respite unconsciously refocusing your mind on a simple task, and the promise of a warm caffeinated reward. Once located or concocted, the few moments sucking down the delectable brew grants the warfighter a glimpse of a life that so closely doesn’t resemble hell.

The battle of Marawi was a brutal slugfest that dragged on for months. The surprise attack by the Islamic State in Asia displaced tens-of-thousands, killed hundreds, and utterly destroyed the once lively city. We’ve seen numerous videos documenting the savagery of the enemy, and the brave exploits of the Filipino troops who liberated the city.

In this video, we see a smooth Filipino operator going to some dangerous lengths to make sure he gets his caffeine fix. Sporting an actual mug instead of a canteen cup, he sprints across a destroyed and bullet swept roof top. Jumping crevasses and appearing not to spill a drop. Once safely back in the op, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of his dangerous labor.

The real question is, why didn’t he bring anybody else some?


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