Cockroaches in the Dark: FLIR Footage of Failed ISIS Infiltration

first published on January 30, 2018 by

Exciting FLIR footage of a failed ISIS infiltration against pro-government forces in Iraq. Proves that cockroaches will scatter in the dark, if you shine an automatic weapon on them.

Pro government forces recently released FLIR footage of a failed ISIS infiltration somewhere in Iraq. Arriving in a van, the vehicle and its jihadist occupants are approached and scrutinized by two Iraqi dismounts. During this closer inspection and with an unseen number of riders in the back of the van, something spooks the two Iraqi’s – who suddenly retreat towards the safety of their own vehicles.

Whatever sent the search team fleeing continues to go unnoticed by their overwatch. The thermal camera illuminates the troops covering the inspection and they appear to little idea about what’s going on in the darkness just in front of them. They loiter as a few tense moments of inactivity pass by, the van idling alone near the road. Then the ISIS gunfire initiates from behind the vehicle removing all doubt.

An Iraqi gunner on the back of a technical with a crew-served weapon opens fire – causing huge plumes of white-hot air to temporarily obscure the thermal imagery. Small arm rounds visible impact all around the van as the trapped ISIS members panic to climb out the back. Two of them break cover and desperately sprint away from the vehicle, one of them returning fire as they run. Four more jihadists flee the van and quickly follow them into the darkness and open desert.

The lack of individual night vision equipment among the Iraqi troops is obvious. Unlike the men behind the FLIR system, they appear to be firing in the blind as the six ISIS members retreat. However, they put out enough fire into the blackness that they eventually start picking off the ISIS cockroaches one by one. The video concludes with several dead jihadists lying on the ground and seems to prove that cockroaches will scatter in the dark – if you shine an automatic weapon on them.


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