Cockpit Cam: Iraqi SU-25 Frogfoot Dropping Bombs On ISIS

first published on November 16, 2015 by

Watch this Iraqi pilot deliver his payload to ISIS Fighters in Ramadi.

The Iraqi Air Force is at it again in Ramadi. This Iraqi SU-25 Frogfoot pilot brings us inside of the cockpit of his aircraft, as he drops bombs on top of ISIS positions. Outstanding work, take it to ’em boys.

Iraqi security forces have stepped up their military operations inside of Ramadi over the past few days. As of Friday, November 13th, 2015 the security forces of Iraq have advanced on three fronts, and began operations to push ISIS out. This offensive operation is following the major Kurdish operation to retake Sinjar.

Iraqi Security Forces

As the battle for Ramadi continues, the police and government security forces have admitted progress is slow. So far they have managed to retake a small portion of northern Ramadi. Iraqi Officials claim roadside bombs have hindered operations.

Losing Ramadi to ISIS in May of 2015 was a huge blow to the government of Iraq. The operation to retake this specific city is a very large deal, and the people of Iraq need to come out with a win. Hopefully this Frogfoot pilot continues to put in work, and within the next few days ISIS will fall in Ramadi, as they did in Sinjar.

Iraqi Ramadi