Coast Guard Rescue Missing Divers After Search and Rescue Mission

first published on August 25, 2018 by

The Coast Guard assisted in the rescue of two missing divers after an extended search was conducted off the coast of Florida near the R.J. Thomson wreck.

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On Wednesday, August 22, 2018, members of the United States Coast Guard in St. Petersburg Florida received a distress call from the captain of a 25-foot dive boat stating that two of the divers had gone missing near the R.J. Thompson Wreck in Florida. A search and rescue mission was immediately dispatched to locate the two missing divers, 34-year-old Michael Pavlich and 57-year-old Terry Hayes.

The first diver was pulled from the water by the U.S. Coast Guard just four and a half hours after he was reported missing by the dive boat captain. Pavlich, the first diver to be rescued, was then transported to a nearby medical facility with no series injuries reported and one diver still missing in the water.

Coast Guard crews remained in the area assisting with search and rescue operations with an Air Station Clearwater HC-130 Hercules airplane crew and the 87-foot Coast Guard Cutter Pelican homeported in St. Petersburg. Early in the morning the second diver was rescued by Florida Fish and Wildlife. His condition is still unknown at this time.

The footage below was recorded during the rescue of the first diver by a Coast Guard Jayhawk Helicopter. It comes to us Courtesy of the United States Coast Guard.