Coast Guard To The Rescue: Saving Lives In Houston

first published on August 28, 2017 by

The US Coast Guard continues to save lives in Houston after the area was hit by catastrophic flooding as a result of Hurricane Harvey. The Coast Guard has been conducting around-the-clock search and rescue missions with 13 helicopters, and an additional seven helicopters are en route from other parts of the nation to assist.


In addition to the air operations, flood response teams are conducting rescue operations with shallow-water boats as they literally patrol the flooded neighborhood streets, going door to door. Residents are being told to seek high ground, including rooftops where they can be safe from flood waters and more visible to the rescue teams.

It’s unclear how many residents are still in need of rescue in Houston, and the Coast Guard has received over 2,000 calls for assistance. They are asking those in need to contact emergency services via phone, rather than using social media, as they are unable to monitor those requests. For help: 911 or USCG Houston Command Center 281-464-4851.

Incredible work is being done for this nation by our Coast Guard service members, and they deserve our gratitude. The following video shows these heroes in action.