Cluster Munitions Shriek Through Ukrainian Town

first published on February 18, 2016 by

The following video reportedly shows separatist BM-30 Smerch cluster munition rockets landing in Pobjeda, Ukraine in September of 2014.


Although Western reporting on the Ukrainian conflict has become nearly nonexistent, the country is currently seeing its heaviest fighting in several months. According to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), Russia has again been rearming the separatists on the frontline. Meanwhile, the $260 million in nonlethal military equipment the U.S. has supplied to the Ukrainian government has turned out to be obsolete, Cold War era junk, and is falling apart.


The Minsk II cease-fire was supposed to be implemented by 2016, but seems to have been nothing more than a cease-reporting by Western main stream media outlets. The town of Pisky, in vicinity of the Donetsk Airport, saw some of the bloodiest fighting of the war, but it’s not over. Fighting there is a regular occurrence between entrenched infantry units, while armor and artillery continue to rubble the area.

To make matters even more unstable, Ukraine’s ruling coalition has collapsed. Although the prime minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, barely survived a vote of no confidence as public mistrust and claims of corruption reached a breaking point, factions of his coalition withdrew, leaving him with less than half the votes in parliament.


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