Close-Quarters GoPro: Militants in Syria Infiltrate and Eliminate Outpost

first published on May 30, 2019 by

A savage close-quarters GoPro has been released by al-Qaeda affiliated militants in Syria. The small jihadi team infiltrates a purported government outpost and quickly eliminates multiple soldiers during the close-range fight.

Several militants of Huras al-Din (HD), an al-Qaeda affiliate operating in Syria, conduct an assault on an alleged Syrian Arab Army (SAA) outpost somewhere in the war-torn country. Moving through the dense brush in broad daylight, they manage to infiltrate to within just a few meters of several bunkers and connected trench lines. They open fire and immediately cause chaos among the defending soldiers. The confused SAA troops begin exiting the various bunkers and repeatedly run straight into the HD fighters, who promptly gun them down. The jihadis continue to sweep through the position clearing and killing as they go taking only about two minutes to completely overrun the outpost.


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