Crazy Peshmerga Close Quarters Battle Ends With Unexpected Blast

first published on November 15, 2016 by

An intense urban close quarters battle is recorded by Peshmerga officer Jutyar Bany as the Kurdish troops conduct offensive operations in Bashiqa as part of the Mosul operation.

The Peshmerga troops become engaged by a number of Islamic State fighters in a dwelling, refusing to surrender.

Grenades and small arms fire is exchanged, and eventually one of the insurgents turns himself in.

At least one more, likely wounded, ISIS fighter remains in the building and continues to fire at the Kurds.

The Peshmerga decide to assault the house from a different angle, and soon they breech a large hole into the side of the dwelling.

The insurgent is most likely dead or extremely close to death at this point, and the Pesh enter to secure and clear. At that point, an explosive-laden suicide belt detonates, wounding several of the anti terror forces.


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