Close Firefight Over a Ridgeline in Yemen: Friend & Foe Clearly Visible

first published on March 7, 2018 by

Pro Saudi-coalition troops attack Houthi held ridgeline in Yemen. The rarely documented and intense close firefight footage displays both adversaries in the same frame, engaging from just a few meters away.

More close combat in Yemen as group of pro Saudi-coalition troops attacks a Houthi held ridgeline. The unidentified coalition troops begin by suppressing their adversary with small-arms directed from a support by fire position. The troops then begin the assault, using the defilade below the ridges they hurriedly dart along the barren terrain towards their foes. As they advance, the silhouettes of the first few Houthi fighters become visible along the ridge; probably just 15-20 meters away.

The aggressors find cover in several gully’s just below the Houthi position and within grenade range. However, it’s the Houthi’s who begin by tossing a grenade that detonates and narrowly misses one of the assailants. After this close call several coalition troops begin clambering along the steep and laborious terrain, completely concealed below the bobbing defenders. One coalition soldier painstakingly inches his way up a finger in front of the camera, physically digging steps with his hands in the loose soil.

With a sufficient foothold carved out, he’s finely able to summit the small feature and finds himself just a short distance from the defenders. Realizing the proximity and maintaining his concealment, he wisely holds his fire and tries to signal the best angle of approach for his teammates. The camera then focuses on another fighter making his way up an adjacent finger. This soldier begins engaging from this new and unexpected angle on the Houthi’s flank, tightly pinning them behind cover.

Cutting out with both sides on opposing ridgelines, the video unfortunately ends before we reach anything resembling a violent or dramatic finale. But this video isn’t a total loss. Footage with both sides actively fighting each other in the same frame are still quite rare – even with the proliferation of cheap and available helmets cams. Though thousands of hours of combat footage is recorded every month now, these glimpses of close combat with both aggressor and defender in view are a lucky and valuable find.


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