Close Combat in Yemen: Houthi Rebels Overwhelm Mountainside Village

first published on March 10, 2019 by

Saudi troops and Houthi rebels engage in extremely close combat over a small and contested mountainside village purportedly in the border region between Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

Houthi rebels quickly advance on a small village precariously set on the side of a mountain allegedly in the Jizan border region. Occupied by Saudi soldiers or possible their coalition allies, they have not set a proper defense against the higher ground adjacent to the small cluster of buildings. The rebels use this to their advantage and attack downhill, rapidly entering the position. During the assault, the rebels and soldiers find themselves just a few meters apart in full view of the cameraman; though neither side appears to realize it. The defending troops begin to hurriedly withdraw while the Houthi’s begin to consolidate. Having abandoned the village so quickly, the Saudi’s leave behind a number of brand-new rifles and other assorted small arms.