Close Combat – Islamic State Mercenaries Overrun Syrian Army Position

first published on December 5, 2017 by

Members of Malhama Tactical, a private mercenary firm that works with the Islamic State, overrun a Syrian Army position and engage in close combat.

Malhama Tactical is a group of around six to ten men who often do contract work with extremist factions. In the past they have conducted training and combat operations with groups like Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, and are now currently working with the seriously degraded Islamic State. The group conducts in-depth training courses, and also does advise and assist missions for the organizations they are working with in combat operations. In the past they have been called “The Blackwater of Jihad.”

combat 1

The video below was taken during an assault on a Syrian Army outpost. It shows a member of Malhama Tactical catching a grenade that is tossed to him from a teammate off-camera, and then using that grenade to prepare his next movement. As soon as the grenade detonates he pops out from around the corner and starts spraying 7.62 from a highly modified AK-47 into a room where he suspects there are Syrian Soldiers.

That’s when he spots the Soldier he wounded with the hand grenade, and he finishes him off at point-blank range. The audio has been removed from this video, as it contained extreme levels of Jihadist propaganda, as well as information to contact the group for work.


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