Another Close Combat GoPro Released by the Kurds

first published on June 7, 2019 by

Another vicious close combat GoPro video has been released by the Kurdish People’s Defense Forces (HPG) – also known as the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

What appears to be several HPG fighters conceal themselves behind a small berm at a t-intersection on a freshly tilled road near the base of a large mountain. Occurring reportedly somewhere in the Kurdish controlled region of Iraq, they patiently hunker down as a small Turkish military patrol approaches from the direction of the steep slopes. The Turkish soldiers leave an apparent overwatch on a slight ridge to their rear as four soldiers continue unknowingly towards the Kurdish trap.

Once in the kill-zone, the HPG fighters spring from behind the berm and open fire at extremely close range on the stunned patrol. One soldier immediately goes down, wounded, while the other three immediately attempt to retreat from this surprising and aggressive attack. The GoPro sporting Kurd rushes forward to finish off the injured soldier who is now intentionally rolling down the opposite side of the embankment. He fires round after round at the desperate Turk, but it is unclear if, or how many times he actual hits his target. He grabs the soldier’s rifle and quickly retreats behind the berm under audible increasing Turkish fire. The video then oddly cuts out before the true results of the action are clear.

While this is a bold attack by the Kurds, they obviously make some serious mistakes during the brief but violent action. Besides the noticeable marksmanship issues at minimal distance that allow the bulk of the patrol to retreat, breaking cover to finish off one wounded solider and claim his weapon seems a poor choice given the Turkish overwatch to the rear; even despite the HPG fighters luck in this instance. Had they focused on their weapons discipline from the onset, they probably could have eliminated most, if not all of the patrol while simultaneously suppressing the rear position. Given that the video cuts so early it is entirely possible that this fight didn’t end as well as this propaganda would suggest.

Graphic Content Warning: This video contains graphic content that may be unsuitable for some viewers.