Close Combat: 6 Feet Away And They Still Can’t Hit Anything

first published on June 7, 2016 by

Jihadists engage a single Syrian soldier from about 6 feet away. The marksmanship displayed is so bad that it’s almost comical.

It’s no secret that the marksmanship and weaponry being used in the current Syrian Civil War are absolutely terrible. The rifles are primarily hand-me-downs, most of which have probably seen conflict from Africa to Afghanistan. The riflemen themselves have no idea what the sights are for, opting instead to ask Allah to guide the rounds. So it’s no wonder we see close firefights like this.

Two jihadists end up on the other side of a rock wall from a Syrian soldier. The two parties engage each other from about 6 feet away for a solid 40 seconds. In that tense 40 seconds, not a single hit is had by either group.

Some say that the two parties are still sitting at that rock wall today, engaging each other and calling for resupplies so that they don’t run out of ammunition. This war will never end.