Close Call Compilation of ISIS SVBIED Attacks in Iraq

first published on February 26, 2018 by

An exciting compilation video has surfaced showing multiple ISIS Suicide Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device (SVBIED) attacks against Iraqi troops.

As the tables began to turn against ISIS, initially with the fall of Mosul and followed by Raqqa – the presence of industrialized suicide weapons both increased and matured. Commencing an attack with a suicide bomber has been a proven tactic around the Middle East for years. But never before had a terrorist organization acquired the technical ability to produce both vests and vehicles on such a massive scale.

As the Iraqi military advanced on Mosul in late 2016, they were savagely met with a steady and continuous torrent of SVBIED’s and vest donning militants. Bomb after bomb, explosion after explosion, day after day, the Iraqi troops were hit in unending waves as they entered the confined urban areas. Casualties rapidly mounted as the city was slowly taken over several months. The Kurd’s capture of Raqqa later in 2017 would face the same suicidal tactics and the same horrific casualties.

These weapons were not crudely assembled impromptu contraptions, hurriedly built in some guys barn. But instead mass-produced armored vehicles carrying thousands of pounds of explosives and built on an assembly-line. Combined with inexpensive drones to spot targets from afar, ISIS could then direct these suicide attacks and coordinate follow on assaults in the post-explosion chaos.

The video below captures several of these tense and exhilarating attacks in Iraq. Detailing the commonality of these events and the explosive power of these now nauseatingly industrialized weapons.