Clinton Gets Knife Handed By Marine Over Benghazi

first published on February 27, 2016 by

A Marine at a Pro-Hillary Clinton Rally, hosted by her husband Bill, asks the hard questions, and gets escorted out by security.

Hillary Clinton has been doing a great job this election season! She’s effectively managed to dodge all of her failures and short comings. Every time they are brought up, she is able to cackle through them while her drones cheer her on! Go Hillary Go!

Right, so a Marine asked the Benghazi question at a Pro-Clinton rally. The results were pretty much what you would expect. He was interrupted a lot, laughed at a bit, and in general disrespected for asking a question that went against the views of the majority in the room.

Before he was able to get a straight answer, he was actually booted out of the rally by security. I guess we aren’t allowed to ask politicians and their supporters hard questions any more. It must interfere with their safe space.


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