Civilian Contractor Saving Animals In Afghanistan

first published on May 22, 2016 by

A civilian contractor, operating in Afghanistan, is taking time out of his already hectic schedule to give animals a second chance at life.

We all remember the animals we used to keep on our positions in Afghanistan and Iraq. The morale dogs and cats that gave you that little extra boost at the end of every patrol, and made your crap hole position feel just a little bit more like home. Some of those animals managed to get adopted, and taken back to the states. A good majority however did not.

A civilian contractor, who goes by the name “Mike,” is one of the few individuals that has been working very hard to rescue some of these animals. He has already managed to adopt a dog he named “Ursa,” who is now living a comfortable life with his mother on her 28 acres of property in Florida.

Ursa Contractor Dog

On his most recent deployment, Mike has started work towards getting a cat adopted. The process is lengthy, and quite expensive. First the individual has to get the animal approved for the Nowzad program, which assists in getting the animal neutered, immunized, sterilized, and prepared to travel. Following that he has to acquire the funds to actually move the animal to the United States.

In order to raise the funds needed, Mike has decided to create a GoFundMe page. Now normally, we don’t share GoFundMe pages. We receive about 2 dozen a day, and it’s not fair to share one or two, and skip the rest. In this instance though, it’s not about the GoFundMe, or the funds needed. It’s about the story Mike is telling in the process of raising money. He has dubbed the Cat “Balloon Head,” and decided to write a series of short stories about the animal, while giving multiple updates on his daily adventures in Afghanistan.

Go check it out here, it’s actually a pretty good read. If you feel like helping him get the cat home, chip in a few bucks and tell him we sent you. If not, give the story a read anyways. It’s worth the time.


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