Failed Marine Muslim Convert Busted For Christmas Terror Attack Plot

first published on December 23, 2017 by

The FBI thwarted a Christmas Day terror attack in San Fransisco by arresting a 26-year-old Muslim convert who wanted to inflict casualties at a busy seaside shopping district.

Everitt Aaron Jameson, who had been calling himself Abdallah Abu Everitt Ibn Gordon Al-Amriki, had been discussing his plans for the attack with an undercover Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) “employee.” The would-be terrorist had chosen San Fransisco’s waterfront Pier 39 shopping district as the target area, as he thought he could “funnel” several unsuspecting victims into a small area.

Jameson had just landed a job as a tow truck driver and told the informant that he could use the large and powerful vehicle as a means to inflict heavy casualties in the same manner as the Halloween attack in New York City in which a crazed Muslim plowed a truck through a busy bike lane and killed eight people.

Besides using the tow truck, Jameson had also contemplated using explosives and had even asked the informant to help him procure a fully automatic M-16 or AK-47 assault rifle. He also pledged his loyalty to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi and wanted to give money to the Islamic State.

On December 18th, Jameson told the informant he was backing out of the attack, likely because an FBI employee accidentally called his phone from a Washington DC number. Then, on December 20th, the FBI raided his house. They found firearms, ammunition magazines, and fireworks, which in itself is not a big deal, but they also discovered a handwritten letter discussing his disgust with the US and the decision to relocate Israel’s capital to Jerusalem.

According to reports, Jameson served less than a year in the United States Marine Corps in 2009. The report goes on to state that he was discharged as a result of fraudulently enlisting with a known, preexisting Asthma diagnosis.


Investigators first took notice of Jameson based on his social media internet activity. On Facebook, he had a series of “likes” and “loves” in regards to a number of pro-ISIS and anti United States posts. Jameson had converted to Islam two years prior.

He was arrested and charged with attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization. His father, Gordon Jameson, claimed the FBI was mistaken about the alleged Christmas plot, and that “He’s a loving, kind person that would never hurt nobody.”


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