Chinese Special Operations Forces Massive Action Montage

first published on July 7, 2017 by

There are several units within the People’s Liberation Army that are categorized as Chinese Special Operations Forces, but don’t try comparing them to the US Army Special Forces or SOCOM, because asymmetrical warfare just isn’t what they do. For the most part, they could be compared to some Western conventional, advanced infantry type unit like the Army Rangers. As far as actual combat experience, they have little to none, and their ranks are often filled with conscripts, rather than hardcore men, specially selected through rigorous tests and training. Logistically, they are not setup to support and sustain unconventional unit deployments and missions.

Yet, in international competitions and training exercises, Chinese SOF troops have demonstrated excellence. By watching their training videos, you can see much of what they focus on is practical, combat-focused training, rather than the idiotic brick-breaking, karate chopping nonsense seen all across Middle Eastern armies and from the morons in North Korea. Considering the current geopolitical climate, it’s reasonable to imagine Western troops locking eyes with Chinese forces in the near future. This is what we would be up against.


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