Surprise: Chinese Navy Ship-Mounted Railgun Unveiled?!

first published on February 5, 2018 by

The Chinese Navy appears to have just spontaneously unveiled a ship-mounted railgun according to new photos on Twitter.

Photos posted on Twitter by Dafeng Cao, a supposed Chinese military enthusiast, shows what appears to be an electromagnetically propelled mass driver, commonly known as a railgun, mounted on the front deck of a landing ship.

Although the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) hasn’t confirmed it, experts are convinced the device is a railgun for a number of reasons. First, the decision to use a Haiyang Shan landing ship would have been chosen because of the spacious that that would not only allow for the railgun, but also the massive power supply and control system.

Secondly, they believe that power supply and control system is housed in the conspicuous shipping container sitting on the deck, just behind the gun. The container can be seen in the photos as well.

Also, a banner hung across the ship during the weapon’s mounting read, “Provide the first-class naval weapon and equipment for building the first-class navy in the world.” Hmmm.


If these photos with the accompanying assumptions are found to be authentic, then the Chinese have just become the first nation to actually field a railgun on a naval vessel. BAE and the US Navy have successfully developed and tested their version, but the project still sits in the development phase.

Unconfirmed satellite photos on the internet appear to show a successful test fire of a Chinese-developed railgun. The images show a before and after photo of several blocks of concrete that appear to have a hole blown through them in the “after” image.

The following US Navy video shows a railgun in action.


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