Chinese Military Might: A Message To The World…

first published on March 28, 2017 by

This high-intensity, highly motivating, awesomely edited mashup, highlighting the might of the Chinese military – People’s Liberation Army (PLA) can’t be watched just once.

In my mind, regarding defense industries, communism stifles innovation because there is little incentive of reward for those going the extra mile. Yet, if you’re China and have the ability to steal your rivals’ ideas and blue prints, you can make a comparable weapon, system, or program at a fraction of the cost with little to no research and development, and it works well for them.

The current world shares many similarities to the time leading up to World War I. Mainly, we have longstanding political ideologies in place that no longer reflect the people they are supposed to represent, and there are nation state boundaries all across the world that are no longer relevant. Countries that were leading the way technologically and economically are stagnating. We are due for a breaking point and much of world and its resources will be up for grabs.

There are those that say this century will belong to the Chinese. Is that true? Do you think they have what it takes lead and influence the entire world as the US did last century and the British did the century before?