Chinese Diplomats Frantically Burning Files At Embassy In Houston

first published on July 22, 2020 by

Following Trump’s expulsion order of the Chinese consulate in Houston, Chinese diplomats have been frantically burning sensitive documents in the courtyard of the compound, which has caused the entire city block to be locked down by the Houston fire department and police.

chinese diplomats

The US has identified the station and its diplomats to be the epicenter of industrial and economical espionage against the US and ordered the consulate to close immediately. Specific claims centered around their attempts to compromise Covid-19 research. The consulate staff was also recently caught illegally sneaking fraudulently documented foreign nationals onto planes out of the country.

The closing of the consulate is the most recent occurrence in the rapidly escalating standoff between the US and China. Recently, the US officially announced they will not recognize China’s territorial claims over the South China Sea and immediately began pushing US Navy vessels through the disputed waters under the international Freedom Of Navigation treaties.