China’s Animated Video Shows Them Dominating American Military

first published on September 10, 2015 by

An animated and entertaining Chinese propaganda video shows their seemingly untouchable military tearing through the American Navy and taking a U.S. military island installation by force. All American resistance is futile as aircraft are swatted out of the sky, vehicles are pummeled, and the U.S. Pacific fleet is sent to to the depths of the ocean.


Although the video is just a cartoon, China has been increasingly flexing their military muscles toward the West in recent times.
China has dredged several shallow reefs in the South China Sea into armed military bases complete with airstrips. The artificial islands are in contested waters claimed by several other nations.

A several hour military parade was recently conducted in Beijing. Around 12,000 troops, several jets, tanks, fighting vehicles (some painted a fabulous blue color) and various rocket and missile launchers (some whose purpose is to supposedly take out American super aircraft carriers and entire island military installations) marched through the street in a well executed manner that screamed of exceptional discipline. Russia’s president Vladimir Putin was in attendance, yet no Western leaders were. Although the parade’s intent was to supposedly commemorate the defeat of the Japanese in WWII, the point was clear. China is one of the top military super powers in the world, regardless of their current economic instability. If anything, their economic woes should raise concerns of unpredictable military actions and operations to bolster the economy by means of the defense industry à la the United States.


Multiple Chinese warships entered U.S. territorial waters for the first time off the coast of Alaska, and it wasn’t a coincidence that the intrusion occurred while President Obama was there on business.
The Chinese are not flexing against the U.S. alone. As Putin stood with the Chinese president at the impressive Chinese military parade, he also had a spy ship probing a U.S. submarine base off the southeast coast of the U.S. while the Chinese warships were checking in on Obama’s trip to Alaska.

The Western alliance is weak right now. NATO is in a disgusting state of impotence that continues to deteriorate. The people of the U.S. are divided on issues that don’t even represent them, and are trying decide on whether to elect a criminal-communist or a criminal-moron for president. We probably look ripe for the plucking to outside forces.
However, to those 2nd-world wannabes with their counterfeit weaponry, I say “bring it,” and you will find out just how little you rate.


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