China Has A New Citizen Mind Control Technique

first published on February 17, 2016 by

The government of China has discovered a new way to brainwash it’s citizens into subservience with a video game’d good citizen credit score.

Government mind control and brainwashing have been around since government systems first came into existence. Without a shadow of doubt, propaganda has always pushed a pro-nationalist view on its society. In contrast to this however, there has also always been a citizen system of checks and balances, where free speech and thought has allowed other individuals to blow the whistle and stop an over reach in government control.

What if a government found a way to control it’s citizens, and eliminate the nay-sayers?

Nazi China

Immediately we’re brought back to images of Nazi brown shirts patrolling the streets of Germany, and thugging people into submission. This however, isn’t a possibility, because it’s empirically proven that other Governments and the people governed will not stand for these actions. Every time there is even a hint of tyranny in a country today, they are shunned by the first world. North Korea is a prime example of this.

So how does a first world nation control all of its citizens? They make a mandatory, social media based video game, that tracks your patriotism. Your patriotism is then scored in the fashion of an American credit rating, and starts to have an affect on your daily life.

China Mind Control Game

China is currently building this system, and it’s absolutely terrifying, because it works. They have effectively built a system that makes being a patriot fun. Your score is effected by a myriad of factors, one of those being your friends list. Have friends with low citizen credit scores? They’re probably destroying yours, so you should socially pressure them into being good citizens, or just ostracize them completely.

Let’s see what a group of experienced, and highly successful video game developers have to say about this system.


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