Chilling Last Radio Calls From Surrounded Russians

first published on April 9, 2018 by

These are the chilling final radio calls between a surrounded Russian unit and their commanders during the battle of Grozny on New Years Eve 1994. If you have never heard desperation before, you’ll recognize it instantly even though the speaker is using a language you probably don’t understand.


On New Years Eve 1994, the Russian military kicked off the first fight for the city of Grozny in Chechnya. The battle itself lasted from December of 1994, until March of 1995, and ended in the Russian occupation of the Chechen capital city. In the earliest stages of the conflict, the Russians were met with heavy casualties as their tactics were not evolved enough to deal with the type of combat they would be facing inside of the city. This would lead to the complete demoralization of the Russian military moving into the city, and the serious forced evolution of their tactics in modern warfare.

The audio you are about to hear was recorded on the radio systems of Russian troops kicking off the attack into Grozny. On one end of the radio you have command elements desperately trying to extract soldiers at a checkpoint inside of the city, on the other end you have the soldiers at the checkpoint. Sources say that the Russian soldiers that are outnumbered, surrounded, and unsupported are from the 131st Maikop Motor-Rifle company. For the duration of the radio call, the commander of the checkpoint is trying to get an extraction for his unit. That extraction never comes and they are all killed.

According to official Russian reports, of the 10,000 Russian men who entered Grozny in the first battle, 1,426 were killed, effectively decimating them. 500 more Russians went missing, and over 4,500 of the men were wounded. An estimated 6,900 Chechen rebels were killed according to those same reports.


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