Iraqi Hero Saves Child Shot By Daesh Sniper In Mosul

first published on April 8, 2017 by

A member of the Iraqi army puts his life on the line to save a child that was shot by a Daesh sniper in Mosul. This is true heroism.

It is interesting to see how much the Iraqi Army has changed now that they are facing a unified threat. It’s no longer about, “Well my cousin is in AQI to fight the Americans, so I’m going to look the other way when he does something wrong.” We now see the Iraqi Army working in lock step with each other to fight true evil, and they are doing a tremendous job.

In Mosul, a young boy is shot by a Daesh sniper while being evacuated from the area by the Iraqi Army. The soldiers respond exactly how any soldier from any part of the world would. They return fire, and go back to rescue the boy before he can be killed. They probably knew the sniper was using him as bait to get shots on them, but the soldiers did not care.

This is what heroism looks like.


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