Conscript Army Gets Chewed Up And Spit Out During Failed Attack

first published on August 30, 2016 by

Syrian conscripts, mostly under-trained teenagers, get chewed up and spit out by rebel forces when their assault in southwest Aleppo fails.

During an attempt to retake the artillery college in southwest Aleppo, conscripted soldiers from the Syrian Army get decimated. Their absolute lack of training and fortitude for combat get them chewed up and spit back out by the rebels guarding the area.

Artillery fire from the rebel forces accurately strike and destroy at least two BMPs, and one tank. Meanwhile, the troops on the ground frantically run around like confused children, because that’s pretty much what most of them are at this point in the war.

Syrian commanders need to learn that they cannot solve problems by stacking more bodies on top of them. If they spend their troops lives in a more worth while manner, they may be able to pick up some steam and turn the tide of battle. Until they figure this out, they will continue to get eaten alive by the equally trained, but more battle hardened rebel forces.


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