Polish SDF Volunteer Battles Against Chechen Snipers In Tabqa

first published on July 22, 2017 by

A Polish SDF Volunteer, operating in Tabqa City, conducts operations against veteran Chechen snipers while waiting for support to arrive.

A Polish volunteer with the SDF, operating under the nom de guerre Gniew Eufratu, finds himself in a gunfight against veteran Chechen snipers while conducting an operation against the Islamic State in Tabqa City. According to Gniew Eufratu, they were in a running gun fight for over four hours against the snipers, and were unable to fire from the same location more than once due to the very real risk of having their heads exploded by a sniper round. It wasn’t until support in the form of a tank arrived that they were able to fully gain control of the situation.


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