Daesh SVBIED Chases Iraqi Army Vehicles In The Streets Of Mosul

first published on January 5, 2017 by

A drone captures the moment a Daesh SVBIED chases fleeing Iraqi Army vehicles in the streets of Mosul. They don’t all escape.

As members of the Iraqi Army mount up from completing the search of a house, a Daesh SVBIED turns the corner. The troops immediately begin to flee the area in the hopes of surviving the coming blast, but they aren’t all fast enough. The vehicle chases them, and detonates as soon as it gets within range of the first vehicle.

The SVBIED has been the calling card of ISIS in most major battles since their reign of terror started. Vehicles like the one in this video are seen all over the country, and used with extreme prejudice against any non-Daesh target they can find.

This is the reality of the war against ISIS for the Iraqi Military.


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