CHARGE!!! Houthi Fighter Single-Handedly Overruns Saudi Position

first published on April 9, 2018 by

A recent video out of Yemen records a Houthi rebel fighter as he charges and successfully overruns a Saudi fighting position that was manned by multiple troops.


A squad of Houthis, outlined in green, can be seen assaulting up a hillside toward enemy fortified fighting positions. Their enemy has multiple advantages over those doing the charge. They are able to return fire from elevated, fortified positions. Yet, they fail to hold the ground.

One Saudi troop can be seen retreating, unarmed, and two more fire at the attackers. Small arms rounds from both sides can be seen impacting the rocky terrain. The distance between the belligerents continues to close, and soon the Houthi all-out charges the position while firing.

His self-provided suppression is enough to keep the defenders’ heads down, and he steps up to their fighting position and kills them both at nearly point blank range. The observation team that is filming the action begins chanting their Shia slogan, “Death to America, death to Israel…”


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