Suicide Bomber Has A Change Of Heart And Tries To Run Away

first published on November 10, 2016 by

An ISIS suicide bomber attacks an FSA position in Syria. Ultimately he fails, and tries to escape on foot after having a change of heart.

I wonder what happens when you decide to become a suicide bomber. What state of mind are you in before you volunteer for such a terrible position?

Maybe they get voluntold instead. The Abu Hajaar characters of each section within the terror organization get tossed the keys to the SVBIED one day, and get told to drive directly towards the enemy.

Whatever happens, clearly it wasn’t enough to convince this guy to stay with his mission until the end. His vehicle is disabled, and a few seconds later he jumps out of the SVBIED and decides to try and leg it back home. I don’t think he made it very far judging by the amount of fire coming in on top of him.


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