CCTV Captures Woman Dropping Attacker With Concealed Carry Pistol

first published on November 21, 2019 by

An intense video demonstrates the life-saving practicality of a concealed carry pistol as an unidentified woman uses it to neutralize her attacker.

concealed carry pistol

The security camera footage shows a vehicle rapidly pull over to the side of the street, cutting off a female pedestrian. He then gets out of the vehicle in an apparent attempt to victimize the woman.

The woman does everything right to service throughout the entire video. For starters, she is alert of the situation and doesn’t have her face buried in her phone or looking at her feet. She has likely already identified the man as a potential threat while he was driving, and she instantly begins crossing the street to keep distance between herself and the man.

Based on the video we can assume that she does not know this man, as she doesn’t acknowledge him and attempts to continue walking on her way. However, the man cuts her off and aggressively moves toward her in an attempt to grab her.

The woman instantly begins reaching for her concealed carry pistol, which is worn smartly in her waistline. Many novice, untrained carriers erroneously think they can effectively store their CCW in a purse or bag and somehow still be able to access it in a spontaneous life-or-death situation. Purses and bags are also one of the primary targets of street criminals, and if your bag is suddenly ripped from your hands, you have now lost your possessions and armed your attacker.

The woman also steps backward to keep distance between herself and her attacker, allowing her the extra split second to pull and fire her weapon. She also fires it from a retracted position rather than unnecessarily sticking it out for the man to grab.

The most important thing she did in this situation is actually pull the trigger. There are likely many people that carry concealed that probably don’t have the intestinal fortitude to shoot in this situation. They think brandishing the weapon will be enough to bring the threat to their senses, a fictional scenario often seen in movies. Had this woman not shot when she did and tried holding the man at gunpoint, he would have punched her in the mouth and ripped the weapon from her had immediately.

When she fires, the man drops, wounded. Yet, he reaches for her again, forcing her to take a second, finalizing shot. The man expires quickly.

That man was twice he size of the woman, and could have forcibly made her submit to his will had she not been armed. However, the gun alone isn’t what made the difference. This woman was either highly trained or a natural alpha. She was situationally aware of the man immediately. She was spatially aware of her surroundings and physically fit and coordinated enough to rapidly walk backwards while drawing her firearm while not tripping over anything. She had the pistol in a handy location, it was loaded, and she was mentally prepared to use it. This woman had the will to fight and the skills to survive.