Guided Missile Carnage: FSA TOW Gunner’s Blast Advancing Armor

first published on December 12, 2017 by

Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebels release a quadruple TOW missile video claiming strikes against Syrian Arab Army (SAA) units somewhere in Syria. The first three videos target main battle tanks, and then finally a truck – all resulting in massive fireballs and some with fiery secondary explosions.

The first clip focuses on a large and well-equipped armored unit moving down a stretch of exposed road. The TOW gunner selects a target and fires, hitting a tank in the middle of the convoy directly in its frontal armor. The missile easily penetrates this armor, exploding in a large fireball and quickly igniting a secondary explosion in the turret. With flames now shooting out of the tank’s top hatches, the rightfully panicked crew can be seen scrambling out of these accesses and off the tank. Two of them dashing into the adjacent field in full view of the rebels, still smoking and clearly trying to shed clothing layers or stop, drop, and roll.

The second clip catches another engagement of a tank, largely concealed by a ridge and high grass. The FSA engage the only visible part, its turret – which again, quickly bursts into flames. At least one lucky crewmember manages to get out, and then off the tank just moments before the internal magazine apparently to cooks off, spewing intense flames up into the air.

The third iteration presents yet another tank for the FSA gunners. This time, driving through a grove of low trees and supported by numerous infantry. The missile hits the third tank in the turret, and again, it explodes. However, this time there is no dramatic or deadly secondary explosion from the strike, just panicking infantry sprinting through the grove.

Finally, the FSA gunner’s switch gears and engage a stationary truck; several of them parked next to a building and road. The missile has a long flight time on this one, lingering in the air just long enough for an unsuspecting Moped rider to drive just meters from the intended target. Again, the truck explodes and several soldiers can be observed racing around attempting to evac another truck from the kill zone.


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