Carnage Continues in Eastern Ghouta

first published on March 15, 2018 by

A mashup of several rebel videos details the carnage still raging in the besieged and crumbling neighborhoods of Eastern Ghouta. Hitting back with rockets, artillery, and an absolutely brutal sniper head shot, the remaining rebel factions fight for survival as the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) closes in under a relentless air and artillery bombardment that has cause international concern.

The SAA noose continues to tighten around the rebel held enclaves near Damascus. The offensive operation’s persistent air and artillery strikes have hammered rebel defenses and civilian neighborhoods alike for over a month. Eventually resulting in a U.N. Security Council demand for a ceasefire, the international pleas were largely ignored by the Assad regime and its Russian allies.

Civilians have finally been allowed to evacuate some contested areas, with thousands of refugees beginning to flee according to Reuter’s. Reporting that,

“Thousands of Syrian civilians fled from a rebel pocket in eastern Ghouta on Thursday, crossing by foot to army positions in the first mass exodus from the besieged enclave since Syrian government forces launched an assault to capture it a month ago.”

The video mashup highlights the perspective of several militant groups currently caught inside the shrinking bastion. Firing back with various modified or improvised rocket systems and mobile artillery, the rebels attempt to bog down regime forces in the urbanized neighborhoods. The second clip captures an absolutely brutal large caliber head-shot by a rebel marksman. Fired at what appears to be relatively close range, the round effectively decapitates the solider and sends his head in multiple directions. The final clip documents the scale and extent of the regime’s bombardments on militant strongholds via a drone hovering over a large and thoroughly destroyed urban area.

The SAA and its allies appear poised to recapture much of the eastern Ghouta pocket in the coming weeks. By allowing civilians in the area to evacuate on mass, the regime can continue to easily ignore the international community and forcible liberate territory near the capital of Damascus. Maintaining this momentum however, may be increasingly difficult as the militants fall back and dig in amongst the tightly packed neighborhoods.


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