Carl Gustaf M4 “Smart” Multi-Role Weapon System Is Better Than Ever

first published on February 9, 2017 by

This ain’t your grampa’s Carl Gustaf. The multi-role weapon system has been kicking ass and taking names on the battlefield since 1948, all while continuing to evolve, becoming lighter, more accurate, and offering more warhead choices for all applications regarding the art of effective killing.

Although Saab’s Carl Gustaf M4 man portable launcher looks similar to its predecessors, it has changed considerably. The weapon system offers “smart” programmable rounds that can suit any task from engaging armor to smashing through fortified structures, and can even be formatted to decimate infantry troops in the open.

The system itself is lighter than ever, weighing in at around 15 pounds, and the overall length has been shortened for easier wielding. The Carl Gustaf M4 multi-role weapon system remains at the top of my Christmas wish list.