Inside a Captured Islamic State Suicide Bomb Truck

first published on October 25, 2016 by

Sky News correspondent Sam Kiley gives us a tour of a captured Islamic State heavily-armored suicide borne improvised explosive vehicle. Truck bombs have been the ISIS weapon of choice since their inception. From a rational human being’s perspective, this kind of warfare seems like a sign of desperation by a losing force. However, the reality is that this brainwashed zombie murder cult sees this as a free ticket into heaven. Well, at least that’s what they tell the weakest-link in the chain mouth-breathers they talk into getting behind the wheel of these things.

Western forces began supplying anti tank guided missiles and advanced anti tank rockets, like AT-4s, when standard rocket propelled grenades became useless against such attacks. The cage-looking armor on the SVBIED is there to detonate the RPG early, which exhausts its armor piercing abilities before it actually reaches the true armor.


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