Captured Footage Shows Embarrassing Failed ISIS Raid

first published on September 6, 2019 by

GoPro footage captured off a dead ISIS fighter shows an embarrassing failed raid against an SDF-aligned militia group in Syria.

The footage was captured and uploaded by a group called Jaysh al-Thuwar (Army of Revolutionaries), which is a multi ethnic militia that is allied with the Kurdish YPG and operated under the US-led Syrian Democratic Forces against ISIS in Syria.

The video shows a group of IS extremists attempting to conduct a raid against Jaysh al-Thuwar, but are stopped and picked apart due to incompetent soldiering and poor leadership.

The “leader” also appears to be the main cameraman and turret gunner. He tells his driver to abandon the vehicle at first contact, which makes no sense. He tells the other occupants to get out of the vehicle as well, while he sits semi-protected in the improvised armored pickup.

The vehicle is nothing but a target as accurate small arms projectiles can be heard pinging off the armor. The lone fighter is as useless as can be. He attempts to use the M2 .50 heavy machine gun in the cupola, but fails. He hops into the driver seat to better orient the vehicle for firing, but he can’t drive stick. Fail. He also attempts to fire on his enemy with the light machine gun mounted in the passenger seat, but fails again.

He dismounts and takes cover behind a berm. Each time he pops his head out to fire on the enemy, accurate rounds fly in and nearly take his head off. As the video ends, he can be heard attempting to give his subordinates orders, but there’s no remaining option. They lost the initiative and there is no violence of action in this embarrassing failed raid.