Candid Camera Captures US Soldiers Interacting With Syrian Troops

first published on January 25, 2019 by

An interesting, although not-at-all compelling, candid video clip has surfaced reportedly showing a close, verbal engagement between US troops and Syrian government troops in the vicinity of Manbij.

The video was apparently candidly filmed on a phone camera by a Syrian soldier, and local sources are claiming that the US troops came to the Syrian outpost with the intention of making the Syrian soldiers lower their flag, to which the host nation forces refused.

Not a whole lot can actually be inferred from the video, besides the US forces appear to be conventional Army combat troops. Also, you can hear the American soldiers repeatedly refusing to have their pictures taken with the Syrians and telling them to not record them. It also sounds like the Syrian soldiers cordially invite the Americans in, because at one point a soldier can be heard saying, “No, my PL can’t go in there.” Haha… Lieutenants… am I right?

The video highlights the complexities of the Syrian battlefield, where in places like Manbij, various parties (Syrians, Americans, Kurds, Turks, French, and Russians) who are often at odds with each other have intersecting and overlapping areas of operation. The situation remains a constant powder keg, with the potential for ugly international incidents.


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