Canadians Move Wounded Comrade During Intense Ambush

first published on December 13, 2015 by

A group of Canadian soldiers are caught in a perilous ambush by Taliban fighters firing multiple RPGs at their vehicles.

Operation Medusa was an offensive operation conducted primarily by Canadian forces. The purpose was to drive the Taliban out of the Panjwayi District of Afghanistan, in order to establish government control of the area.

The below footage is taken by the driver of a Canadian LAV, moments after the initiation of an ambush by Taliban fighters. Two rockets flew high over the top of the LAV, and another impacted the humvee directly in front of him.

In this specific incident, one Canadian soldier was injured when a rocket impacted the rear passenger door of his humvee.

When the rocket impacted his door, it punched a tennis ball sized hole in it which sent shrapnel into his legs. It took several minutes for the Canadian soldiers to establish fire superiority before they could attend to their wounded comrade. This is standard operating procedure.

Ambush Superiority

The Canadian soldier who was injured survived the attack. The humvee, while severely damaged was also salvaged, and driven off of the battlefield.

Strong work boys.

Warning: Some strong language, and images may not be appropriate for all viewers.


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