Canadian Infantry In Battle It Out With The Taliban

first published on December 29, 2019 by

A video from July 2006 shows Canadian infantry troops of 1 PPCLI “A” Coy engaged in a gun fight with Taliban insurgents during the Battle of Zharei/ Panjwai during Operation ZAHAR. This video is accompanied with an interview to give context.

canadian infantry

The Battle of Zharei begn in May of 2006, and involved soldiers from Canada, Afghanistan, Netherlands, The United Kingdom, and The United States, in an attempt to clear districts of Zharei and Panjway from Taliban control.

The operation turned in a several week long gun battle. At least 37 firefights were reported before the area was deemed clear. NATO reported that close to 1,000 enemy fighters had been killed in action by the TF. Sixteen Canadian Soldiers and two American Soldiers were KIA, with another 50 wounded.


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