Canada’s Cold War Plan for Mutual Assured Destruction

first published on September 20, 2018 by

The largest land mass between the United States and Russia is Canada. This was their Cold War plan for survival in the event of a nuclear conflict.

Cold War 234

About 200 miles north of Toronto, the small Ontario city of North Bay, lies a nuclear bunker designed and constructed during the Cold War era. This bunker was the North American Aerospace Defense (NORAD) Command center of operations in Canada for the duration of the Cold War.

Due to Canada’s unfavorable geographical location in the event of the Cold War turning hot, the nation was forced to take certain counter-measures that would assist them in defending an attack by Russia through their nation in order to get to Canada’s ally in the United States of America. For this reason alone, on 12 September 1957, Canada and the U.S. formed the North American Aerospace Defense, also known as NORAD.

As a result, between August 1959 and September 1963, the construction of an underground complex was completed. At a cost of $51 million dollars, which was paid for by Canada and the United States together, the 60 stories deep bunker was created in order to control air defenses in and around Canada even after a 4 mega-ton nuclear weapon was detonated on top of it.

The following video was created by CBC Docs, and it explores the still secret complex that was designed in order to ensure the survival of Canada in the event of a nuclear attack against the nation. If you don’t have the thirteen minutes it takes to watch the video right now, we highly recommend adding it to your watch later list.


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