Backblast Area Not Clear: Cameraman Stands Directly Behind RPG Gunner

first published on June 19, 2019 by

A cameraman makes a skull shaking mistake, standing directly behind an RPG gunner attempting to engage a tank at close range.

An RPG gunner and his would-be propogandist cautiously creep up an alleyway somewhere in the Middle East. Just out of sight and around the corner is a lone tank some 25-30 meters away idling in the open street. After carefully checking their exposed flank, the cameraman sets up just behind the gunner attempting to get the perfect angle on the event. However, this puts him directly in the backblast area of the RPG and potentially exposes the duo prematurely to the tank’s main gun. The Gunner quickly turkey peaks and fires off the rocket at minimal distance, brutally dazing his partner. Surprisingly still on his feet, the severely stunned cameraman then scrambles backwards before the tank has a chance to respond.