Cameraman Films Himself Getting Shot To Death

first published on May 20, 2016 by

An extremely morose video from 2005 in which a cameraman films his own death during an Islamist rebel assault on government buildings is recorded in the city of Nalchik in southern Russia.

The video begins inside an FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation) headquarters building as agents and workers attempt to repel an attack. For whatever reason, a number of the men leave the cover of the building and venture out into the street. The cameraman, who is wearing bright red, goes out into the most exposed spot he can find and continues to record the gun battle. A round zips in and wounds him, and blood can be seen on the ground around him. Rather than taking the hint and dragging himself back into the building, he remains in place. His constant movement, and red shirt inevitably draw the attention of one of the insurgents, and he is hit again, this time vitally. The video ends as does his life.


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