Camera Man Shot, Marines Pinned Down in Haqlaniyah

first published on October 2, 2018 by

Marines from Golf Company, 2nd Battalion 3rd Marines, are pinned down by heavy enemy fire after their corpsman gets shot in the lower back.

Doc Shot

On their very first patrol in Albu Hyat, Iraq, just south of Haqlaniyah, Marines come into heavy contact with Al Qaeda forces. Their corpsman is shot in the lower back, just below his SAPI plate. Moments after being shot, he pulls out his camera to record the action.

From 2006 to 2007 the Marines of 2nd Battalion 3rd Marine Division were deployed to an area known as the Haditha Triad. They took command of the area from their sister battalion 3/3 on 24 September, 2006. Their area of operations included the heavily contested cities of Barwanah, Haditha, and Haqlaniyah.

Triad Shot

Over the course of their seven month deployment the Marines of 2/3 conducted many operations. One such operation was set specifically to limit the number of insurgents that could come into the area. In order to do this, they built large berms around the cities, and issued vehicle registration forms out to the local populace, and established check points on the roads in and out of the cities. This tactic effectively eliminated the insurgents ability to infiltrate the area, and towards the end of their deployment the attacks had started to dry up.

In total, 2nd Battalion 3rd Marines suffered 23 Marines killed in action to roadside bombs, sniper fire, and heavy enemy contact.

Warning: This video contains graphic language which may not be suitable for all viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.