Burning Tank Goes Out Of Control, Crushes Houses

first published on January 5, 2016 by

Video from Turkey shows a Turkish tank catching fire, going out of control, and crushing houses after being struck by Kurdish rebels in the Cizre district of ┼×─▒rnak Province in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey.

The strike on the tank is just out of frame of the video, but the aftermath can be seen in which a burning, then smoldering crewman bails in front of the vehicle and is nearly run over as the tank drives out of control, down a steep bank and through three houses in a residential area.

The Cizre district has been under a constant curfew by the Turkish government for weeks as ongoing military operations aim to route out Kurdish PKK militants. Turkey recently deployed teams of special forces to find and neutralize improvised explosive devices on roadsides and in boobytrapped houses.


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