Bunker Full Of Turkish Troops Erupted By ATGM

first published on June 22, 2017 by

The HPG military arm of the Kurdish separatist group PKK released a video showing the engagement of a bunker full of Turkish troops by an ATGM in the Bezel├¬ region of Hakkari’s ┼×emdinli district.

The reports indicate that the operation was carried out on June 3, 2018, and the HPG claim that four Turkish soldiers were totally neutralized in the event.

Those reports couldn’t be independently verified, but based on the video, the battle damage assessment is likely close to accurate.

The video shows a military mountaintop outpost occupied by multiple Turkish troops who can be seen walking back and forth in front of the opening. The ATGM is fired, and only at the last second do the offending troops know what is about to happen.

They scramble for safety, but it’s too late. A fireball erupts from within, blowing the contents and occupants out through the roof.

The strife between the Turkish forces and the HPG has been spilled out of southern Turkey, and the conflict now rages in Syria and Iraq as well.


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