Brutal Al Shabaab Raid Wipes Out Entire Kenyan Army Unit

first published on April 21, 2016 by

An absolutely brutal raid carried out in El Adde, Somalia, against an unsuspecting Kenyan Army unit by Somalia’s al Qaeda affiliate, al Shabaab, is the focus of this combat footage video.

The original propaganda video was over 30 minutes in length, much of which was executions of dozens of government troops.

The Kenyan military is actually the workhorse of the region, doing much of the fighting against jihadist groups. They can be well-equipped, well-armed, and often decently trained.

However, they suffer from terrible battlefield leadership and poor operational management. The unit decimated in this video had just arrived in the region, and the outgoing unit left without handing over any intelligence of any kind.

The following video contains GRAPHIC CONTENT. It begins with jihadists moving into position in the predawn hours. The attack is initiated with at least one suicide borne improvised explosive device, and then the militants get on line and begin spraying into the camp.

kenyan army

Confusion among the Kenyan Army troops is apparent, as many try to flee in armored vehicles. There is very little resistance, and soon, all troops are killed, captured, or fleeing into the bush.


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