British Royal Marine Documents Kurdish Recon Mission

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Emile Ghessen is a former British Royal Marine Commando, turned freelance documentary film maker.

This self funded, documentary film maker has been traveling in and out of the middle east documenting the fight against ISIS. When asked why he is doing this, he explained “I have been involved in many firefights with the enemy over the years while I was serving. Individual men don’t change the cause of wars, it’s the powers to be. So I decided to put down the rifle, and pick up a camera to highlight the on going situation.”

Below is a video from one of his recent trips, where he followed a Kurdish group of fighters on a recon mission into the Sinjar Mountains.

Emile, who works independently, recently traveled to the Sinjar region of Iraq before the Kurds conducted a major offensive operation. In order to get there, he was often hiding in the back of taxi-cabs and ambulances in order to avoid capture by Daesh fighters. When asked if this situation scared him, he responded, “There have been some scarier moments. I have been ambushed, mortared and a suicide bomber once detonated a few hundred meters away from me. When I went to the front-line inside of Iran, I was made to dress as a local fighter to avoid detection. When it was time to leave they dropped me off on the border between Iraq, and Iran and drove off, leaving me in the middle of nowhere on my own. It’s not like being in the Corps, where if I get in the sh*t I can call in support be it air support or fire, I’m totally on my own with just my camera.

British Emile

Once in the Sinjar region of Iraq, he had the opportunity to meet with quite a few western volunteers. Men that he said were all there, because of their mutual hatred of Daesh. “These men don’t get paid, and often spend thousands of their own money getting here, and buying equipment. I like finding out who these people are and what their story is.”

Emile Ghessen is still currently working on his film projects. As of today he is on his way to Turkey to begin his next project, which should be rather interesting. You can see more of his footage >>>>>>Here<<<<<< on his Facebook page, and you can support his continued operations >>>>>>Here<<<<<<

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