British Police Take Down Knife-Wielding Nutjob In Close Quarters

first published on April 11, 2018 by

Body worn camera footage recorded on October 2nd, 2017, shows British police officers responding to a report of a man banging doors in an apartment building.

british police

When the officers arrived, they identified the suspect as being in possession of two large kitchen knives and threatening harm upon himself and the officers. They are able to quarantine him into a small entryway.

The officers try to talk to belligerent suspect down, but he doesn’t cooperate and soon decide to use a taser to obtain compliance. When they open the door, the man charges. He is squarely stuck with the taser, but its effects are minimal.

The armed man begins wildly thrusting the deadly blades at the closest officer, who attempts to control the suspect while trying not to get stabbed. Between the jolts of electricity and the physical capabilities of the hands-on officer, the suspect is brought to the ground.

Just then, another officer jumps in to assist, and soon the man is cuffed and no longer a threat.


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