British Armed Forces – Military Power 2018

first published on March 28, 2018 by

There was a point in history when the British were the top military power in the world, but how do they stack up now?

Founded in 1660, the British military has fought in many European wars, colonial wars, and world wars.

While the long-lived dominance of the British Empire had much to do with the, then, unparalleled Royal Navy… the immense territory they held couldn’t have been possible without the entire armed forces being of excellent quality.

The Brits have always been at the forefront military technology development. They were the ones to develop the tank, and in recent times, the Ministry of Defense is codeveloping the BAE Systems Taranis “Raptor” stealth unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV).

The Taranis is designed to fly intercontinental missions while undetected and strike both air and ground targets. The Taranis can carry a broad spectrum of weapons and can be controlled via satellite from anywhere on Earth.

The following video gives us a visually pleasing look at the current British military weapons, vehicles, and capabilities.


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