British Infantry Maneuver Under Fire

first published on January 15, 2016 by

The 1st Battalion (Vikings) of The Royal Anglian Regiment are engaged by Taliban forces, including an enemy sniper, while on a patrol. After gaining fire superiority, the British troops maneuver back to their base for a resupply. They make a plan to go back out into the kill zone in an attempt to get the sniper to give away his position. As they are engaged in battle for a second time, they feel confident they have located the Taliban marksman and pulverize the suspected enemy location with a Javelin missile. The blast initiates more Taliban fighters to open fire on the U.K. soldiers, and they begin breaking contact by using a maneuver known as a “peel.” Great command and control isdisplayed in this video.

The Vikings deployed several times in support of the Global War On Terror. With five tours to Afghanistan, and one to Iraq, the 1 Royal Anglian is an extremely experienced light infantry unit.


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